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Bivisoft Internship is a 15months full-time software internship program where we train passionate people from novice to intermediate software developers. The internship involves practical learning skills and developing industry experience. We train passionate people that are willing to learn from zero experience till they become very good in software development and then we finally help them secure a good-paying job.


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Our experts will help you build your dream career into reality, they are desinged to train interns with zero coding experience to be a Full-stack software engineer.

Our professional software engineers will give you the training using the appropriate tools to create the most up-to-date and feature-rich & robust software

In Bivisoft Fellowship you emerge with our experienced in-house software engineers to work on projects, giving you the opportunity to code, develop websites and become a full-stack Developer. which gives you top-notch TECH skills and land your dream job!..

Because we have your interest at heart, we run a pay-as-you-earn internship programme. We allow you do the training first before paying us the tuition dues, except if you wish to pay upfront.

Skills Gallery

Learn the in-demand skills that will keep you in front of the job market.

Our Senior Software Engineers will not only teach you how to use all these skills, but also make you land the Job in these skills accordingly.
Front End: HTML,CSS & Bootstrap

JavaScript: JQuery and Angular

Backend: C#, ASP.NET Core

Database : SQL Server

Version Control : Bitbucket

Mobile App :Xamarin

Our Requirements

In Order To Be An Intern, You Need To Meet Up With All Of The Following Conditions


Be a Graduate

The applicant must be a graduate who has completed the NYSC program, currently looking for a place of primary assignment or not going for NYSC & not a student currently Schooling.


Provide 2 Grantors

The applicant must provide 2 grantors that will stand for you. This will help in processing legal agreement with the Bivisoft Limited.


Provide Original Degree Certificates

The applicant will provide originals of their Latest Degrees certificate e.g BSC or HND to provide authenticity when matched with our partners after the Fellowship.


Must be Tech-savvy.

The applicant should be above novice level in handling computer; Or alternatively have completed a course in computer science or an IT-related field. You must also have little knowledge on HTML,CSS & JavaScript in order to qualify for this training.


Should have a good laptop with at least 8GB Ram and i5 processor

The Applicant have a good laptop with at least 8GB of RAM and an i5 processor. In order to boycott delays and also have stress-free training throughout your internship period, you will need a laptop that has at least the aforementioned qualities & functionalities.


Must Be Available Throughout The Internship.

Must be available in our office in Enugu from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday during the 15months of the internship.
Note: No remote option is available, this internship is onsite in our Enugu office so residents in Enugu or willing to relocate only can.


How The Program Works

If you have read through the requirements of the training and meet some or all of them. You can apply by clicking any of the apply now buttons above After the application, we'll Surely send you a feedback within the next 72h.


After we have received your application and you meet up with our criteria, we will conduct a 1-on-1 interview with you on skype, there we will know how passionate you are by telling us your interest and reasons for embarking on this career project.


To enroll for Bivisoft internship, you will pay an agreement fee of N30,000. You must provide two guarantors that will stand for you.

Must be in the office 9am to 5pm on Monday to Fridays throughout the internship.


We will provide you with all the necessary things to make learning easier for you like electricity, stable internet access,crash courses and good working space.


Bivisoft training will last for 3 months. After which you will take an in-course assessment, to know whether you are qualified to join the Bivisoft fellowship .


The 12 months Bivisoft fellowship is the intensive part of the internship. Here, You will work with experienced developers & get monthly stipends too.


Bivisoft fellowship ends at the period of 12 months, with a life-changing job. The whole internship will be made possible under 15 months because you will be provided with things to make learning easier for you e.g electricity, stable internet access, material and nice working space.


At the end of Bivisoft internship training, we will get you fixed with a remunerative job. Your life after Bivisoft internship training will change tremendously with a 6digit salary.


After getting you fixed with your dream job at the end of the programme, it is indicated that. You will be remitting 25% of your total salary to the company.

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Why Choose Us

We Train & Produce Result-Oriented Dynamic Software Developers

Bivisoft Internship is a 15months full-time software internship program where we train passionate people from novice to intermediate software developers.

100% Practical Learning

You learn more by doing not by theory & we won't bore you with lots of videos & materials, just Praticals.

Work on real-life Projects

Work together with experts who will give 100% exposure to what is happening in the industry.

Build your portfolio from day 1

Because you are learning by doing, you have a lot of projects to show to your employer after the training


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